Chapter I – Choosing your Champagne


Chapter I – Choosing your Champagne

Simply grabbing the nearest champagne is up there on a par with wearing socks and sandals: simply unthinkable. This Exceptional wine deserves respect and so we thought you might appreciate a few choice tips. Vintages, grape varieties, growths and taste profiles – all need to be taken into consideration when selecting your bottle for specific occasions and specific guests. The perfect host will take advantage of our advice and make the right choice in all circumstances – naturally passing it all off as their own innate class and taste of course.

No. 7 – Brut for Brunch
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From Paris to New York to London, elegant brunches offer a dizzying smorgasbord of flavours: pastries, salads, cold meats, scrambled eggs, pancakes, cheese, smoked fish and fruit. So which champagne goes best with such a panoply of dishes? Easy: your favourite non-vintage Brut – a champagne that complements all flavours, whether savoury or sweet, making every mouthful a delight. Your guests will heartily agree, and Monday morning will seem a deliciously long way off.

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