Chapter III – Opening the Bottle


Chapter III – Opening the Bottle

Having chilled your bottle to perfection, it’s all very well to wave it around with a certain panache. But now it’s time to open it. The trick is to avoid showering the room in foam, breaking the cork or giving your partner (or your boss for that matter) a black eye, and to achieve that elegant, soft little hiss – the mark of the true expert.

No. 25 – Pop goes the Cork
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The noise of a champagne cork popping is one of the most festive sounds around. But let’s keep the noise down. Partly because a lot of noise is so much less classy; partly because it is usually accompanied by a cork hurtling out at some speed along with an unseemly arc of champagne. Whether at home or in a restaurant, keep it simple and let the bottle hiss gently, building up to a sweet little pop: the perfect music to titillate the taste buds and lift the spirits. After all, the sign of true class is elegance and discretion.

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