Chapter IV – Sabring Champagne


Chapter IV – Sabring Champagne

So you now know how to open a bottle like a pro. But what really fascinates people is how to do it like a Napoleonic cavalry officer – in other words by sabring the bottle in one masterly and spectacular gesture – a legacy of those who celebrated their victories by unsheathing their sabre and using it in heroic fashion. Now it’s true you may not have conquered many cities or won great battles on horseback, but don’t let that get in the way. All it takes is a New Year’s celebration, birth or other special event to be worthy of this ceremony. Prepare to handle your sabre like the finest of soldiers.

No. 37 – Sabreless Sabring
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Imagine you are in a bar or at a friends’ place, and you want to sabre a bottle of champagne but, tragically, there is no sabre at hand. Fear not, there’s a solution! Grab the first champagne flute you see and spring into action. Holding the flute by the stem, place it at 90° to the neck of the bottle (prepared in advance, as usual) and strike the wire with a firm stroke. Explanation: it is not how sharp the object is, but how firmly you strike the weakest point on the bottle. Might we suggest some practice, in case you break the glass and not the bottle? This would be something of a downer for your hosts, especially if it’s a crystal family heirloom.

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