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Holmen Lofoten | Kitchen on the Edge of the World


Holmen Lofoten | Kitchen on the Edge of the World

An idea remains just that until someone has the heart and drive to turn it into something more—only then does it become a reality. Such is the case with Holmen Lofoton; a concept so remote from feasibility, its very existence alone is award-worthy, and yet it exists.

It takes a unique kind of vision to see desolate fisherman’s cabins in the remote Norwegian village of Sørvågen Holmen Lofoten and envisage an out-of-world escape in its truest form, all while providing a dining experience to rival those of cosmopolitan Michelin starred eateries.

This vision belonged to Ingunn Rasmussen, a local to the area, temporarily relocated for business but now returned to Sørvågen, where she has lived with her family for the last 2 years. It was only when on a business trip in South Korea she came across a television program with kindred spirit and master foraging Chef Valentine Warner at work, that she saw a way to bring this concept to fruition.

Boldly, she sought him out, and a few emails and phone calls later the “Kitchen on the Edge of the World”, as the project has been aptly called, was born. The remote collection of traditional fisherman’s cabins on the shores of the Lofoten Islands were upgraded with the necessities, but not overly so, as not to ward off their innate charm.

“Our vision is for people to leave enriched, inspired and brilliantly fed.” ~ Ingunn Rasmussen

My journey to their dining table was a much shorter one as I was treated at Tramshed in London, by Mark Hix, Val Warner and Ingunn Rasmussen to the menu the guests will experience when they visit the magical shores of Holmen Lofoten.

On this particular occasion, the lack of Norwegian scenery didn’t detract from the experience. If anything, it allowed me to focus purely on the intricacies of the dishes themselves, as they were prepared by Mark Hix and Val Warner before us, each dish ably paired with a concomitant cocktail—something that will be a big part of the Holmen Lofoton experience.

Keen to replicate the dining experience to its fullest, Ingunn Rasmussen even “smuggled” legs of lamb in her personal luggage from the region, which I can confirm first-hand was completely worth it; without a shadow of doubt the best tasting lamb I’ve had in my life. Valentine Warner is a champion of all foods from the British Isles, but even he had to admit that this lamb was more than ample competition for Britain’s best.

Occurring three times a year, the “Kitchen on the Edge of the World” series will take place in the Spring, Midsummer and in Autumn. More than just a dining experience, the trip will be punctuated with experiences such as fishing, forest foraging, knife making, yoga as well as talks from influential speakers about art, filmmaking and nature.

The beautifully unpredictable weather in Holmen Lofoten coupled with its unscathed natural beauty makes it the perfect location to take a time-out from this insanely busy world, to reflect, reset and be very, very well fed.


Thursday 20th – Monday 24th June 2019

Val Warner, and Nathan Outlaw midsummer feast, including fishing, hiking and foraging

Thursday 19th – Monday 23rd September 2019

Cooking with Mark Hix and Gill Meller who will be collaborating with hunting expert Ollie Rampley and Pole and Hunt knife makers to make a memorable weekend

For more information including package pricing visit the website below.

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