Kenzo presents “The Everything”

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Kenzo presents “The Everything”


Kenzo presents “The Everything”

Modern fashion houses have an embedded desire to be innovative, mainly driven by the creative lead. It is essential that conversation remains direct to its customer yet relevant to the world around it. A new season often is the trigger to show the new face of the brand, steering it towards the ideal. An underrated thought in this visual motive is medium of which the latest campaign is showed. Traditionally this has come in the form of static advertisements in relevant publications and looks books that help articulate the vision.

This is still the choice for many but what we have seen become more apparent (and impactful) is the use of film. The format as a whole is not new but the freedom it gives brands to tell stories is continuously evolving.  It creates a feeling of understanding between the viewer and subject of film through a narrative that does not always need to shove product in the face of consumers.

Taking this note is Kenzo with their Film “The Everything”. Written and directed by Humberto Leon the film presents the Fall-Winter 2018 Collection through the lens of a modern drama. Featuring a host of young talent such as Alexandra Shipp, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Sasha Frolova alongside a special appearance by Regine Hall the visual is clean and humorous. Telling the story of family of teenagers that get brought together with unusual powers the featurette is mesmerising in its tale.

Taking cues from the light-hearted tone that has become synonymous with both Leon and long term collaborator Carol Lim, with the seconds being as impactful as printed booklet if not more which in turn Creates a string of continuous thought for all those that watch.

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