La French Touch by Martell

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La French Touch by Martell


La French Touch by Martell

The “French Touch” was a music movement that captured a generation of music lovers worldwide and whose legacy lives on through the very names of the top DJs that created the iconic sound.

It was December 1991 when a young man from Versailles named Etienne de Crécy would attend a Parisien rave that would set him off on a journey filled with DJ sets and production. Etienne de Crécy was part of new generation of French producers & DJs who were shaping their own brand of modern, dance house music, which the British became accustomed to labeling the “French Touch.” A time when Bob Sinclair was still known as “Chris The French Kiss” , this was a golden era for French house music, with the world tuning in to the likes of DJ Cam, Dimitri From Paris, Saint Germain and Daft Punk to name but a few.

Martell La French Touch Etienne de Crecy Djing London Event

200 VIPS guests were invited to discover the unique La French Touch cocktail, a blue cocktail mixing Martell VS, blue curacao liqueur and top tonic, glowing in the dark under UV lights along with the La French Touch VS bottles. Etienne de Crécy then levelled the energy up, offering an exclusive set to the crowd, from his very first hits to the most contemporary electro music, among which his latest album Super Discount 3.


Today many releases – and musical lifetimes – later, de Crécy is still doing what he does best, in being the living embodiment of the French Touch movement. In a bold new collaboration, de Crécy has worked with the oldest of the great Cognac Houses, Martell, to redesign some of their iconic bottles.

“For this bottle I needed a dark, deep and dense background, in order to get the neons to vibrate. The famous Martell blue seemed the obvious choice. Especially as the color also symbolizes nighttime, with all its electricity and its attractions. Designing, producing, and putting a bottle of Martell under the spotlights… There’s something both elegant and exciting about that.”
~ Etienne de Crécy.

martell-la french-touch-bottle-cognac laser light display

Available in Martell VS, Martell VSOP and Martell Noblige, the limited editions glow in the dark in night venues, adding another dimension to the night club experience. It seems that with Martell cognac, de Crécy has found yet another way to ensure the “French Touch” movement lives on; through cognac, Martell revive a nostalgic era of dance music that will live forever in the hearts of those that remember it, and have made it anew for those that don’t.

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