Leica X2: Paul Smith Edition


Leica X2: Paul Smith Edition

Paul Smith is a designer that has somehow managed to lay claim to a sequence of colours, colours that transcend fashion to all aspects of design, colours, which upon seeing we can instantly recognise as being part of Paul Smith’s unique brand. This season Paul Smith has combined his creative mind with Leica and created a new special edition in the Leica X range: the Leica X2 Paul Smith Edition. This Paul Smith Edition Leica combines high performance digital technology, crafted in Germany, with extravagant styling from the world of fashion; a special collectible edition limited to 1,500 units.

The striking feature of this special edition is the familiar combination of colours chosen by Paul Smith for the body of the Leica X2; the metal top plate is finished in Paul Smith’s iconic bright orange while a hand-drawn, engraved light bulb ‘doodle’, calls attention to the unusual pop-up flash on the top of the camera. In contrast the orange of the top plate, the designer chose to enhance the metal base-plate of the Leica X2 with an eye-catching ‘brilliant’ yellow. This aspirational camera style makeover is rounded off by a premium natural cowhide leather finish in British Racing Green.

In addition to its own unique serial number, each camera bears one of a series of consecutive limited edition numbers.

The special Leica X2 Paul Smith Edition set also contains a selection of accessories that bear the Leica branding embellished with a hint of Paul Smith’s design. These include a carrying strap and a camera protector in taupe-coloured, premium calfskin, a high quality lens cleaning cloth labeled ‘Paul Smith for Leica’ and a certificate of authenticity are further exclusive additions to this premium camera set. The special edition is presented in distinctive packaging in co-ordinated colours, also created by the British fashion designer to complement the camera.

The Leica X2 Paul Smith Limited Edition Camera will be available in the UK at a suggested retail price of £2,000 in October 2012 from the Leica Store Mayfair, and other authorised Leica Premier Dealers.


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