Mr Porter Paperback – Volume One


Mr Porter Paperback – Volume One

Mr Porter arrived at a time when online fashion retail struggled to provide that functional stimulus and emotive connection with male consumer. Now over a year into their carnation Mr Porter continues to examine new ways of catering for those that pine for that aspirational lifestyle; a connection deeper than solely the sartorial, with interests prevalent in other aspects of man’s life.

Not content with their existing dominance of digital fashion editorial, and following on from their multiply lauded Mr Porter Post, Mr Porter have published their first paperback book.

Mr Porter Paper Back Book

The book content is an amalgamation of new and existing features from their ongoing online Journal relating to cars, fashion, interiors design and music as well as interviews and insider style tips from their famed experts – of past and present.

The champion of Mr Porter’s editorial environment, Jeremy Langmead serves as the spearhead for this first book release; the words ‘Volume One’ present below the subtitle allude to the publications ongoing purpose and perceived longevity. The design of the book itself is a combination of the book designer David Pearson1 and art director Leon St-Amour.

Mr Porter Paper Back Tinie Tempah

The MR PORTER PAPERBACK: The Manual for the Stylish Life Volume One retails at £20 and is available online at and from January 13th at the following stores (locations):

Colette, J. Crew, Folk, Saturdays Surf NYC, Private White V. C., Jean Shop, Sunspel, Ami, ACNE and Richard James.

  1. David Pearson previously designed for Penguin Books

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