Opulent Series: Rémy Martin Exclusive Limited Edition XO Gold

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Opulent Series: Rémy Martin Exclusive Limited Edition XO Gold


Opulent Series: Rémy Martin Exclusive Limited Edition XO Gold

In the world of Champagne Cognac Rémy Martin is a name imbued with historical reference and a drink deemed worthy for Generale de Gaulle, Winston Churchill and even the astute palate of the British Monarchy. But today JOSHUA’s look at the one particular descendant of the Remy Martin lineage – Rémy Martin XO.

Rémy Martin XO Excellence, the French house’s Extra Old fine champagne cognac has launched the exclusive limited edition XO Gold, perfect as a unique gift for connoisseurs or for sharing the enjoyment and celebrations of special moments with a beloved one.

There is no need for this particular extravagance, but the mere idea of owning something that is finite in quantity creates that fervour to obtain and – having purchased it – that kudos of ownership.

We think that this ‘need’ is best described as opulent; the self-inflicted requirement to be ostentatious regardless of the cost. Let’s make it clear, we are not being critical, merely observational – opulent characters are often the most aspirational. Needless to say, we like that.

Opulence is a character trait that can be attributed to a select few and so must be celebrated as an indicator of personality.

That said there are varying levels of opulence; while the Remy Martin Exclusive Limited Edition XO Gold may come at a premium, it price pales in comparison when compared to the Grande Champagne Cognac – Louis XIII de Rémy Martin.

Presented in an tactile, golden gift box, the 70cl classic Rémy Martin XO decanter is elegantly crafted with prestigious all-gold shimmering features from its stopper to the lettering. In summary, the Rémy Martin XO Gold is a striking limited edition version of the Rémy Martin XO.

Rémy Martin XO Excellence is a harmonious amalgamation of late summer figs and candied plum. This Champagne Cognac is fiery mahogany in colour with deep, amber tones and distinguished touches of jasmine and iris.

The limited edition Rémy Martin XO Gold (RRP £130.00) is available at Harrods, Majestic and select reputable drinks retailers.


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