D R I V E N :


 D R I V E N :


Words by Eli Ankutse


The fabled swimming pool of the Molitor Hotel in Paris, literally represents Art Deco, so much so that designer Louis Réard chose the “Piscine Molitor” as the location to unveil the first modern bikini in 1946. This week however, the Molitor’s role was playing host to the launch of a new Parisian icon, as DS Automobiles showcased their first SUV.


For an interior to reflect their personality, the customer has a choice of 5 Inspirations


My task was not to swim (thankfully) but rather to road-test this latest – and most luxurious – addition to the DS Automobiles family; the DS 7 CROSSBACK. The first thing that strikes you about the DS 7 CROSSBACK is that it is very ostentatious; not in terms of its colours and silhouette, but in its details. It’s like a Kinder surprise on four wheels, you only truly realise how good it is once you open it; once inside, you soon discover hidden surprise and that there are many toys to “play” with.

This is DS Automobiles’ translation of French Luxury into a versatile yet dynamic SUV

Personally, I’m a big advocate of a well-designed interior, after all, that’s where I spend most of my time. In this DS 7 CROSSBACK OPERA edition the interior delivers in droves, both rich in feature and design. With over over 15 breakthrough innovations, the list of technology is worthy of a feature in itself; it has the ability to quite literally see in the dark, correct your driving (not that I needed it) and as an option, the DS CONNECTED PILOT, which is essentially a first step towards completely autonomous driving. Equally impressive is the DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING which is able to detect signs of driver fatigue or distraction to help prevent accidents.


Price: From £42,455
Engine: 2.0 L 4-cylinder diesel
Fuel Economy: 48-58 mpg combined 
0-60: 8.3 seconds


You could almost imagine Jane Birkin driving a DS 7 CROSSBACK to St Tropez in the 1969 Italian-French film “La Piscine”, such is its elegance and inherent grace. While the DS 7 CROSSBACK is certainly no bikini, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s worldwide appeal was somewhat as spectacular.


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