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In today the idea of staying in a hotel has been normalized by the incessant travel required by most modern businessman – or alternatively driven by the need to escape that incessant business life. Either way you look at it, the hotel stay has become more frequent and less lengthy; and a new type of customer, requires a new kind of hotel.

From overpriced chains to the boutique, a plethora of hotel options are now at our disposal, and with this in mind this new ‘breed’ of hotel has been developed focusing on those aspects that people actually use. Nadler Hotels Group is the brainchild of entrepreneur Robert Nadler and uniquely concentrates on providing luxury and comfort in a cool design-led environment, focusing resources on the rooms instead of providing often under-subscribed facilities such as a hotel restaurant, gym and bar. In this way, the Nadler Hotels are able to provide a five star service at a four star price – an attractive proposition to discerning but cost-conscious travellers.

Rather than wax lyrical about our Nadler experience, we asked the founder himself Robert Nadler to tell us a bit about just what makes the Nadler Hotel model work so well for his guests; here’s what he had to say:

What is your main inspiration behind creating the Nadler Hotels group?

How do you want a guest to feel when they leave a Nadler Hotel?

If you could open a Nadler hotel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

The newest addition to the Nadler family of hotels, Nadler Victoria is located next to the new St James Theatre on Palace Street, SW1, in the very heart of Victoria’s transformation into an exciting neighbourhood, with bustling restaurants, shops and businesses, blending heritage with iconic architecture.

Central to the Nadler concept is providing guests with insider information and special access to the most interesting local dining, entertainment and visitor experiences – keeping prices lower in an affordable luxury environment while still providing the best of the best.

With the hotel’s proximity to St James Theatre Nadler guests will benefit from preferential access to shows, and the theatre’s Carrara restaurant is also the hotel’s official breakfast partner, providing either an in-room or sit down breakfast service for all guests. For business travellers, conferencing facilities at the theatre will also be available to hire, with unique spaces including the impressive main auditorium and the intimate studio setting.

Find out more about the Nadler Hotels and book your stay by visiting their website below.

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