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Sons of London

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Rather than being swayed by trends or exceptions a man’s visual ensemble is made up of intricate additions. The type that are worn season upon season but retain a sense of consistency in style – while this seems obvious there still retains a lack concrete offerings.

With this in mind Sons of London focuses on these notable additions, combining British classics that have been cultured and crafted in Le Marche, Italy. Featuring a selection of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth Sons, the range is combination of Oxfords and Chelsea boots.

Each son is reflective not only of a different shape but also different personality. With the fifth son (strapped boot) being the most versatile. A durable Tuscan goatskin is a base for an alternative take on Jodhpur boot.

Located in the Le March region the curation of each Son brings 16 master craftspeople and 300 years of combined shoe making.

Yet while craftsmanship and stylistic differences are obvious plus points, it is the differences in company structure that offer a chance for Sons of London to stay ahead of luxury shoemakers. By excluding the physical retail aspect, founder Sepand Oboudiyat set out to eradicate the middle man and allow consumers a premium product with out the mark ups. This model is the first of its kind in the UK and one that will surely be followed as many seek to find a balance in sustainable luxury goods.

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