Rémy Martin XO Excellence Tasting notes


Rémy Martin XO Excellence Tasting notes

Rémy Martin XO Excellence offers the perfect balance of flavour, and a harmonious development of aromas: floral notes of jasmine, rich fruity notes of candied plums are complemented by warm hints of cinnamon and hazelnut.

Whether served at room temperature or on ice – it’s the intricate blend of complex aromas and silky texture that has earned XO a warm place in the hearts of cognac connoisseurs worldwide.


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Blend: 85% Grande Champagne and 15% Petite Champagne

Colour: Fiery Mahogany

Nose: Intense and complex aromas of white flowers such as jasmine and iris. With oaky notes, freshly grated cinnamon, spice and hazelnuts

Palate: Powerful aromas of juicy ripe figs and candied oranges

Finish: Long and silky

Ageing: For a minimum of 6 years

Cellar Master: Pierrette Trichet

Serve: Neat or on the rocks. An excellent pairing with high quality chocolate


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